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Tuesday, 11 August 2009


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Great article, I get the following error whenever I try to synchronize. "The specified change tracking operation is not supported. To carry out this operation on the table, disable the change tracking on the table, and enable the change tracking." I tried disabling/re-enabling tracking on the SQL server but that didn't seem to help. Anyone else seeing this?

oject at the moment that needs to keep a local store of data in order to give it to ability to function when the WCF service that feeds is offline. Once the service is up and running again, the data needs to be synchronized back to the server and any data on the server needs to

Nice work. Any ideas if this will play well with an SQL Azure DB? I know the Sync Framework has some examples of this but your's is so much more straight forward IMO.

Has anyone ran into issues if you need to add more tables or new columns to something that is being synced into production?

Can this be changed in the current wizard or does it have to be ripped and replaced?

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